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The event:

Studio Bianco is hosting an interactive dining installation prepared by Chef Marc Rasic with a roundtable discussion about the uses for NFTs in art from 6 - 8 pm (Tickets required). We will then have a celebration party to witness the closing of the first ever NPG NFT auction, from 8-10 pm (Free to all).

Ticket - if you would like to attend the dinner 6-8pm here.

The discussion:

NFTs currently focus on selling digital art. But if you look into them, you see that they are actually just a receipt - proving ownership.

We wondered - if you can use an NFT to buy a receipt for digital art - why not for physical art? The NFT could be a literal receipt that describes the art and proves ownership. This discussion ended up evolving to this dinner, with Julian delivering physical art from Switzerland. And, he came up with something much more interesting - an NPG.

The dinner:

Marc Rasic is a professionally trained chef and studied at the Lycée Technique Hotelier in Luxembourg. In his past life, he ran the kitchens at Google campuses across North America, served as the private chef for the royal family of Luxembourg, and was a key player in the launch of several high-profile restaurants in San Francisco. Marc is as likely to stay up all night babysitting the suckling pig on the rotisserie that he built as he is to show up at friends houses to whip up a spectacular meal out of the staples that everyone has in their fridge & larder. Marc and his family recently moved to Pecos, NM where they are developing a hospitality and food venue that is still under wraps, but is coming in the near future (in other words, soon, very soon).


Savory Amish Heirloom Red Popcorn

Dried Shiitake & Nutritional yeast, and sea salt


Go pick some Vegetables:

Radish & Carrots marinated in olive vodka

Bread & Olive paste


Peas & more peas please:

Cold pea soup, Peas, olive oil, pea sprouts

Fire Roasted eggplant caviar & avocado


Can't beet this

Hardrocking Smoked Beets Smoked under a glass dome

Beet tartare

Tapas yourself...

Marinated spanish anchovies

Anchovies, Cucumbers, yogurt, grated tomatoes, and baguette



Grilled Steak, Chimichurri


Halibut Ceviche in Tomato water



Fresh Homemade Ricotta

Local Honey & Pine sirup

Chocolate truffles

The NPG:

Extending the ideas behind buying physical art with an NFT, it also becomes possible to make a digital painting that is singular and unique. While still being digital, an NFT creates the possibility of there only being one owner of said digital work. Like a physical painting, it can be viewed by the owner, and lent out to galleries, but remains under one persons ownership.

Find out more about this project here.